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As an MBA with interests in economics, finance, and French language and culture, my business formation began with large, publicly-traded fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Air Products, Guardian Industries and Evans & Sutherland.  

Following my passion and an intense desire to make a difference, I pursued smaller aspirational companies featuring prominent breakthrough technology such as the novel anti-inflammatory drug development of Pharmadigm, the pioneering cloud computing at Consonus and the polymeric chemistry of drug delivery at MacroMed.

Financial acumen was the passport that fueled my horizontal movement through the diversity of these technologies.  Nothing would have been achieved, however, without determined curiosity and a fearless commitment to stay sustainable educated in each domain.

To me, the ultimate work experience is building with your own two hands.  Standing in the middle of a green field, with all of the courage you can muster, you harness available wisdom from your mentors and target an extraordinary opportunity with a severe unmet need. 

I brought ProLung into the world this way.  But ProLung could only become sustainable if investors were attracted to the mission and the financial rewards of participating in the Company’s ownership.  The mission was clearly articulated, helping severely undeserved lung cancer patients get to therapy more quickly. 

ProLung has been recognized with many awards including Rising Star Company by the Swedish American Life Science Summit, 2018's Most Innovative Predictive Analytics Award by Corporate Vision, 2018 Biotechnology Award by Global Health and Pharma, and 2018 Utah Innovation Award. 

Looking at the management of a company I believe that every investor asks, “Can this person deliver?”   Shakespeare’s Polonius said it best, “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”  

The virtue of being true is sensed and rewarded by investment:  a talented following of employees, a natural cadence of success and abundant resources.  Being true coupled with explosive execution of the business plan and persistence delivers a mission for all stakeholder.

As an executive, I have raised $67 million in private capital for technology companies and more than $1.2 billion in project financing for large industrial multinational companies.  I consider myself an internationalist who has done business in 137 countries.  I thrive on differences. 

An investor that joins in my projects has the right to expect management to keep its commitment to return capital regardless of the changes in strategy, in personnel and environment.  Recently, I engaged in a challenging proxy battle to preserve independent oversight for investors.  My choice was costly and necessary. My choice was for my investors.

Throughout my career, I have also focused on training the next set of business leaders.  Sometimes this is done in the company setting.  In my case, it was also accomplished through teaching at my alma mater, the University of Utah.  There, I taught one of the top 10 most popular courses for MBA students in the David Eccles School, “Creating and Managing an Investment Firm.”  Since then I have been a frequent lecturer to aspirational entrepreneur-students.  I have always felt a deep connection with my community and ensuring that our next set of business leaders are ready for the challenges of the future. People are the company and their progress is the Company’s progress.

Today, I consult some of the most interesting new technology companies on capital formation, communication, governance, and strategic partnerships. I also run an investment group known as the Hilltop Group.  It is wonderful to bring value to new enterprises through experience, network, and judgment.  I also serve on the boards of technology companies.

For me, exposure to nature is restorative and exercise is the ultimate therapeutic.  I use fly fishing to mend, restore and energize.  It is a form of fishing that is meditation served with a compelling hypnotic blend of graceful movement and a celebration of the beauty of life.  

Born of an interest in the Tour de France, I enjoy long-distance road cycling.  Simply put, it is exciting to see how far a guy can travel on his own power.  The rhythmic movement of the peloton or team, overcoming the wind or an incline is my singular preferred form of exercise.  I like to observe the Tour de France from the side of the road, and I have finished the 200+ miles of the LOTOJA cycling race eight times.  The course races over three mountain summits and into three states: Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming eight times from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Lacking in youthful athleticism, I have learned that I am very resilient and persistent, but don’t look for me on the podium.  Adjusting for age and gender, I still can’t seem to spend enough time in the saddle.

Snow skiing in all its forms, backcountry, alpine, also provide winter exhilaration and sociability.  Golf and horses are becoming my new vices, but they have yet to gain serious traction. When my children were younger, I served as a Boy Scout leader.  I have 10 grandchildren that bring joy and light into my life.


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Method for diagnosing a malignant Disease


Using bioelectrical measurements to detect malignant lung cancer

Method for diagnosing a disease


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